Yammy Llargo

ヤミー リヤルゴ
Race: Arrancar Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Affiliation: The Espada Rank: 10 Height: 230 cm 70396frac12quot Weight: 303 kg 667 lbs. By far the largest of the current Espada Yammy Llargo is a giant Arrancar with tan skin and a ridgelined cranium. He has long bushy sideburns and a thin ponytail. Aside from that he is bald. He also has orange eye brows and red markings under his eyes. He wears the standard Espada uniform with the only difference being that his jacket is always open. Like all Arrancar he has a large hole in his chest signifying his previous time as a Hollow. What remains of his Hollow mask is the jawbone complete with 8 teeth which rests on his chin. A tattoo of the number 10 signifying Yammy039s rank in the Espada is on his left shoulder.