Karin Koizumi

小泉 花梨
Blood Type:O
Jersey Number: 6 1st Year Student 10th Grade Height: 157 cm Weight: 44 kg Bench Press: 35 kg 40 yard dash: 4.9 seconds Although she appears like a very feminine girlish person Karin is in actuality the quarterback for the Alexanders. First seen around the showy fourthstringer Ibarada Yamato is forced to defend her whenever she isnt on the field. Karin is revealed to be the first string quarterback for the Alexanders. She has Senas immensely shy personality which everyone noticed right away. Hiruma told the team that Karin was actually a man so that they would go all out on her although Sena and Monta knew that she was a girl already. She has many male fans in the audience because of her beauty including those from Shinryuji. Karin was first recruited on the team after being scouted by Taka. One day Karin was passing the football field when Ibarada misthrew a pass and it hit Karins bag. Asking who she should throw it back to Taka raised his hand. She sent the ball spiraling beautifully with perfect accuracy back to him. Taka immediately told Heracles and Yamato to make her join the team even admitting that she had pure talent. Karin had at first rejected due to her modesty and insecurity but then when Yamato started to talk Karin found it difficult to argue with him. She joined the team and though the training was hard like Sena she grew to love American Football and stayed with it. She also enjoys drawing and playing the piano which is where she got her skillful fingertips as pointed out by Heracles. Source: Wikipedia