Allenby Beardsley

Allenby Beardsley is the Gundam fighter for Neo-Sweden, as well as the only female fighter to make it to the tournament. She pilots the Nobel Gundam. Abandoned as a young child, she was taken in by the Neo-Swedish Space Forces to train. While she was there, she became the victim of a series of cruel military-run experiments to create the perfect Gundam fighter. This was called the Berserker System, which used radio frequencies to turn Allenby into a crazed savage, and raised her fighting abilities by 120%. Later in the story, the technicians behind the Berserker System discontinued its use. However, Wong created a duplicate of the Berserker System and used it against Allenby once again. He kidnapped her and infected her with DG cells. She was also used to pilot the Walter Gundam after being turned into a devil by Wong. His original intentions were to make her the pilot of the Devil Gundam itself, but he was stopped by Rain Mikamura. Allenby and Domon have a lot in common which tends to make Rain really jealous since Allenby seems to get along with Domon in ways Rain can't, but Rain doesn't hold it against Allenby. Domon and Allenby met in an arcade, fighting eachother on a virtual fighter machine. They soon learn who each other are, and become close friends throughout the story. Though she doesn't bear a Shuffle crest, the alliance regards her with due respect.