Rem Saverem

Rem left the Earth aboard Project Seeds when the planet039s resources were all consumed and it became inhospitable. In their search for a new home the remnants of humanity with their cryogenically frozen human cargo in tow traveled the stars and came upon a young Vash and Knives alone on a hostile planet. While most of the crew wanted to exterminate them Rem stood in the way and saved them. She was treated Vash and Knives like human beings and not monsters as did most of the crew. Rem039s favorite place aboard Seeds was the holographic Eden that was a smaller simulation of her old home on Earth without any war stealing hate. Vash grew very attached to Rem and adopted her life philosophy. His brother Knives also loved her but took a different meaning from her teachings which some see as almost refuting them altogether. Rem is Vash039s inspiration. She039s the reason why he won039t kill for she once had said quotNo one has the right to take the life of another.quot She039s also the inspiration for Vash choosing to wear a red coat. Rem039s favorite flower was the red geranium a flower that symbolized unshakable determination. Wearing the red coat not only reminds him of Rem but also reminds him of his promise not to kill and to help others. Source: