Narancia Ghirga


Narancia is one of the heroes of part 5, a part of Bruno's gang. Narancia's mother died of sickness, and his father thinks he is a loser. At age 14 he was wandering around and was picked up by Fugo and from there he meets Bruno. Narancia was so overwhelmed with Bruno's kindness that he vowed to follow him forever. Aerosmith is an airplane-like stand, equipped with machine guns and missiles to attack enemies. It uses a radar to detect an enemy's position. It's radar detects only CO2, which makes it a problem when there is a big crowd. Like Bruno, Narancia delivers his finishing line in segments. He'll say "Vola, vola, vola..." during his rapid-fire attack and end with "Volare Via" (Italian for "Fly Away") when he finishes. While not a direct translation of the word, Narancia's name is derived from "arancia" which is Italian for "blood orange" His education doesn't extend past elementary school, a fact that he gets angered when people mention it. His favorite TV show is the anime Fist of the North Star.