Najica Hiiragi

Najica Hiiragi is a noted perfumer for CRI Cosmetics famous for being able to identify over 500 scents. As the series began she is struggling to finish The Day Series a series of scents modeled after the days of the week trying to find the perfect scent for the final perfume Sunday. Secretly however Najica is actually a field agent for CRIs Intelligence Bureau an agency unknown to the public and even to most of its own employees for the sake of their own protection. She is an expert markswoman with her preferred weapon the Stechkin APS an old Russian firearm with selective fire auto and semiauto and a wooden holster that doubles as a shoulder stock. The twenty round magazine is loaded with nonlethal plastic bullets. Najica is also an expert helicopter pilot and she has a custommodified Mil Mi35 Hind assault helicopter with remote control and advanced avionics. Najicas first mission in the narrative is to recover a Humaritt Humanoid Android codenamed ZZZ and referred to as Lila who was to be used as the sex toy of a bisexual countess Najica becomes suspicious when CRI Intelligence is contracted by Shinba Industrial to recover more lost and possibly rogue Humaritts especially since most of them are in the hands of criminals revolutionaries guerillas or terrorist groups. Her suspicions increase when Lila is assigned to be her partner even though Najica insists she be allowed to continue working alone. As time goes on however Najica begins to trust Lila even if Lilas lack of social graces make her wince. Soon however the twos bond is tested when they face the creator of the Humaritts and her ultimate plan... Source: Wikipedia