Saaya Yamabuki

Birthday:May 19
Height: 157cm 52 Instruments: Pearl Drums Antique Gold 4Piece Reference Pure RFP924XSPC102 Pearl Drums Electric Blue Sparkle EXX725/C 5Piece Export Standard Drum Set with Hardware 1st season Saaya is a firstyear student at Hanasakigawa Girls High School and the drummer of PoppinParty. She became good friends with her classmate Kasumi during their high school entrance ceremony and since then they often eat lunch together. Saaya is the oldest of three children in her family she has a younger brother named Jun and a younger sister named Sana. Saayas family owns the Yamabuki Bakery at which she helps out even during the school term. She also used to play in a girls band called CHiSPA when she was in middle school but quit because she didnt want to burden her bandmates and her family due to an incident that happened before a past performance. But thanks to Kasumi who never gave up on her and her mothers support she regained her passion for music and her desire to perform in a band thus became the last member of PoppinParty to join. A kind empathetic and hardworking person who cares deeply about her friends and family Saaya often lends an ear to Kasumi and Rimi. She is generally levelheaded and easygoing and is like an older sister to the other girls always willing to help them out in hard times. Source: BanG Dream Wikia