Sadako Shimohara


Birth date: May 7, 1927
Height: 160 cm
Rank: Pilot Officer (502nd), Warrant Officer (Imperial Navy)
Striker: Yamanishi Shiden Model 21
Weapon: Type 99-2 Model 2 Kai
Familiar: Japanese hare
Hobby: Cooking

A witch originating from Fuso and affiliated with the Fuso Imperial Navy, a member of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing and one its flight leaders. Her inherent magic is a form of magic eyesight that gives her long-range vision and good night vision, so she is in charge of patrolling for the 502nd. She is known to be caring and motherly toward her younger subordinates, although she has an excessive propensity for hugging 'cute things'.

Her fighter pilot archetype is Sadao Uehara.