The Queen of the Kendappa clan she is also Taishakuten039s musician. She always carries her harp with her and plays beautiful music with it. Her mother was the previous Kendappaou who was so in love with Yashaou and her father was the Eastern General and was killed by Taishakuten in the Holy War. But even so Kendappaou is still extremely loyal to Taishakuten. Kendappaou is in love with Souma and they039ve been together ever since she found Souma wandering around in a forest. Kendappaou took her to her palace the Gandaraja and took care of her. In Tsubasa Chronicle Amaterasu is the Shinto sun goddess and the mythical ancestress of the royal family of Japan. In Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle though she is the Empress of Nihon and is Tomoyos older sister as well. Source: Nishis RG Veda Gallery Tsubasa Chronicle Wikia