トール, Tooru
Hair Color: Blonde fades into red and pink highlights Eye Color: Yellow dragon form red with orange tint human form Faction: Chaos Relatives: Damocles father Tohru is a female dragon with the ability to transform into a human girl. After Kobayashi rescues her she falls in love with her and decides to work for her as a maid. In her human form Tohru has long blonde hair with flaming orange tips and redorange eyes with dilated pupils and a buxom figure with large thighs and plump bouncy breasts claiming to be a D cup for dragon size. In her debut she magically transforms her scales into a maid outfit copying the uniform from a maid cosplay cafe after flying to Kobayashis apartment for the first time. While in the private comfort of Kobayashis apartment Tohru wears her tail out and on occasion her wings. Outside she hides both her tail and wings but retains her horns. Anyone who notices usually chalks it up to a form of cosplay. As a Chaos Dragon Tohru was raised to hate humans and was supposed to be a fierce and dangerous force of evil with nothing other than destruction in mind. However this all changed when she met Kobayashi. She is now cheerful and kind to every human she meets except for those who are real or as it is in most cases imaginary threats to her love interest Kobayashi such as Makoto Takiya She is also quickly influenced by what she sees on television or the internet and shares a fiery relationship with her rival Elma As Kobayashis maid Tohru is a hard worker and cares deeply for the household tending to all aspects of daily life although this will often lead to trouble such as when Tohru tries to feed her tail to Kobayashi or when she molests Kobayashis dirty laundry. Still Kobayashi always shows her appreciation for Tohrus efforts and does her best to guide Tohru in the ways of modern life and human culture on Earth. Tohru is very protective of Kanna and is essentially her mother figure and big sister combined. Having been accepted by Kobayashi even in her dragon form Tohru quickly fell deeply in love with her. Even faced with Kobayashis stoic character and often unrequited advances Tohru never fails to make her unending love for Kobayashi known. Tohrus equally strong sexual attraction to Kobayashi often drives her to trickery such as making a chocolate heart with a love potion secretly added or finding different ways to attempt making Kobayashi eat her tail. Throughout the series Tohru has displayed several powers and abilities: Fire breath: Tohrus primary method of attack. She breathes fire. Her fire breath has been shown to be strong enough to sweep clouds away with ease. Her fire can be unleashed in a variety of ways including a large blast of flame and incinerating beam and even a small burst of pure destructive energy. Flight: Tohru can use her wings to fly. Sharp teeth: As a dragon Tohru possesses razorsharp teeth. Sharp claws: As a dragon Tohru possesses razorsharp claws. Immense strength: As a dragon Tohru possesses immense physical strength. A single punch from her was enough to leave a crater after striking a pursesnatcher. She is shown to even grapple with Kanna and Elma. Cleansing saliva: Tohru states she produces saliva that can remove stains and grime though Kobayashi prefers she doesnt use it to clean her clothes. Portal opening: A rare skill that allows Tohru to open portals to other worlds or dimensions. Immense health: Tohru states as a dragon she never gets sick or unhealthy. Poisonous tail: Tohrus tail is apparently poisonous. Though she is shown to be immune to it whenever she ingests her tail. Clairvoyance: Tohru can use this power to see through objects. She mostly uses it to check the pockets of Miss Kobayashis clothes when doing laundry. Perception blocking: Tohru is able to render herself or others invisible. Source: Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid Wiki edited