Kanna Kamui

カンナ カムイ, Kanna Kobayashi

Tohru's friend from the dragon realm who got exiled from her world and wound up living with Kobayashi as well. She is very young by dragon standards, equivalent to a primary school student, which she attends as a third-year student bearing Kobayashi's surname later in the series. She initially assumes that Kobayashi seduced Tohru into staying and wanted her to return to their original world.

She grows attached to Kobayashi as the series progresses, viewing her as a mother figure.

Kanna's basis and tribal attire are inspired by the culture of the indigenous natives of Hokkaido and claims to be from Ushishir. She bears feather-like horns and a thin tail ending in a bulb, and is capable of charging with electricity.

(Source: Wikipedia)