Shiho Huit

シホ・ユイット, Spiral Spin Serpentine

Shiho is Pearl number three and the last member of the Trias. She is from Cardair. She likes to use a strange voodoo doll-style contraption to wish harm on her rivals, such as Nao. Her mental instability from My-HiME is comically utilized in My-Otome. Nao gives her the nickname, "Uzumaki" (literally spiral) because of her voodoo habits. She somehow acquires a Meister GEM known as the Spiral Spin Serpentine, which gives her a dark robe with voodoo themed charms. Her primary weapon is, of course, a Maki Maki Doll which she uses to place curses on the enemy Slaves which makes them self destruct. Nao further pokes fun at her by referring her as the "Maki Maki Queen." (Source: Wikipedia)