Rin Onigawara

鬼瓦 輪
Birthday:Feb 3
Leader of the Tenka Goken. Onigawara is known for being merciless and a prominent hater of men causing many to quit the academy. However she softens significantly after meeting Nomura showing many signs of affection. When her father abandoned their family after having an affair Onigawara had to deal with the mental backlash of her distraught mother. Because she resembled her father her mother would call her ugly or the child of a demon and would demand her to wear a demons mask whenever she was around. This would cement the thought that Onigawara was hiding her shameful self by wearing the mask and continued to do so even after she left home. Onigawara is a skilled practitioner of the Kashima Shinden Jikishinkagery school of Japanese swordsmanship. This style places an emphasis on proper breath control allowing for improved strength and speed.