Ren Amamiya

雨宮蓮, Protagonist (主人公), 来栖暁, Akira Kurusu, Joker, Trickster, The Phantom, Inmate, Renren
The protagonist of Persona 5 who is a transfer student at Shujin High School. An infamous transfer student of Shujin High due to his criminal record. He was transferred to Shujin on probation by the court due to the alleged assault filed against him. During his probation he lives on the cellar of Cafe Leblanc owned by Sakura Sojiro which is also his acting guardian. Ren has a strong sense of justice as noted by his fellow friends and confidants. He also have a strong will of rebellion as noted by his Persona Arsene. It is due to that strong will of rebellion that he could awaken his Persona and break free from the shackle of society. It is also noted by some people that Ren is very charismatic even though he appear as an unassuming and silent sometimes airheaded person.