Wataru Hibiki

日々樹渉, Masked Freak
Birthday:Feb 21
Unit: fine Club: Theatre Club President An idol with a flair for acting and magic tricks. Wataru is restless and full of energy. He also treasures love and surprises. With cheerful dancing and singing he delivers bold showy performances. A member of Starmaker Productions fine. Wataru is a loud enigmatic young man who is wellknown for his theatrical capabilities. More often than not he is performing some kind of trick or act especially when around Eichi Tenshouin. He loves to tease his friends much to Keito Hasumis chagrin but its always done in a lighthearted nature. Many of the people around him believe he lives in his own world but its actually the opposite that is true. Thanks to Watarus wellknown status as a performer and as an eccentric personality he is hyperaware of his surroundings and never lets his act up to ensure no one around him gets bored. While he is known for trying to keep the mood light and for keeping everyone entertained he can become quite ruthless when training his juniors. But his extreme training has no malicious intent as he usually sees things that others do not and wishes to hone his juniors skills to the best of his capability so that they can have an easier time in the future. He also does his best to encourage his friends such as Keito Hasumi and Shu Itsuki to utilize their talents unsuitable for idol work in other fields namely in theater.