Misono Arisuin

Birthday:Feb 14
At first meet he seems to be arrogant impolite and cold towards others. This only covers up his otherwise kind and caring personality. Despite his offbeat and arrogant character Misono is shown to care for his friends deeply. Because he was very lonely in his childhood without a single friend he now cherishes his new friends very much especially Mahiru Shirota who was his first true friend. Mahiru understands this and disregards Misonos aloof nature knowing that he cares for him all the same. He has a very weak constitution and proves to be extremely sensitive about his height and health. What he hates the most is that its usually him who is being protected by others. To remedy this he wants to get stronger so that he is able to protect everyone. He is extremely bullheaded and always wants to get his way he only accepts the answers he wants to hear. Misono is a very caring guy and always worried about his friends. He likes to be an adult but actually acts in many ways like a child which is also fault of his father who wants to prevent him from become an adult. Mikado always tries to keep Misono safe in his garden he still sees him as a child. As a result Misono goes to bed early and cant stay awake much longer than 910 pm still believes in Santa Claus is often treated like a child. Misono is a spoiled character and is afraid of many things little kids are afraid of like darkness getting snow into his clothes or bubbles into his eyes. Because he never had friends in his childhood and was overprotected he doesnt know most games kids use to play like a snow ball fighting. However he never admits to ignorance and always pretends that he just wants to confirm that his knowledge of the rules are right. When he was a child he was a very friendly and happy child according to what Mikuni and Mikado say. He in fact did love his older brother Mikuni yet he calls him idiot or bastard after the incident that forced Mikunis leave. Source: Servamp Wikia