Kinshirou Kusatsu

草津錦史郎, Kin-chan
Birthday: 12th September Kinshiro Kusatsu is a 3rd year at Binan High School. He is the student council president of Binan High School and has the best grades in his graduating class. He is the childhood friend of Atsushi Kinugawa. His given colour is Gold his attribute is Light and he transforms into The Golden Chevalier Shining in Radiance Orite Hikari Kagayaku gon no Shuvarie aito. His attribute being Light is important because he is the direct contrast to Yumoto Hakone who is the Scarlet Prince prince of Light. Whereas Yumoto embodies the warmth and radiance of Light Kinshiro represents blinding light such as extravagance and corrupted power and coldness. Source: Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu Love Wiki