Bete Loga

ベート・ローガ, Vanargand, Fenris
Race: Werewolf Height: 183 cm 60 Affiliation: Loki Familia Level: 6 Skills: lfheinn Fenris Wolf Solmani Magic: Hati Weapon: Flosvirt Dual Rolan Bete Loga is a first class adventurer and an executive member of the Loki Familia. He was the former captain of the Vidar Familia until they left the city. Bete was born to the leader of a clan of Werewolves and had a sister named Luna along with a childhood friend named Rene who he later got in a relationship with. However his whole clan was killed by a monster when he was 12 and he traveled to Orario where he eventually became the captain of the Vidar Familia. When he was 16 he temporarily left the city as a Level 3 to kill the monster that killed his clan succeeding in doing so after a day of fighting. Unfortunately he discovered upon his return that his Familia had failed their recent dungeon expedition resulting in the deaths of the vicecaptain who he used to be in a relationship with along with several others while others that survived gained wounds fatal for an adventurer. The Vidar Familia subsequently left the city though he stayed behind and later joined the Loki Familia after an incident with Finn and Gareth at a pub. Bete has a rough personality and a slight superiority complex. He completely hates the weak especially those that dont do anything about their weakness and is not afraid to express his opinions about it. He can be an idiot who cant read the atmosphere. Furthermore he is a bad drunk and has a tendency to spout things when intoxicated. He has in several instances displayed feats of heroism and still worries for the wellbeing of his weaker subordinates. He is also described as a tsundere hiding a more forebearing exterior. He admires and has a crush on Ais.