William Shakespeare

Caster of Red, Aka no Caster, 赤のキャスター
Caster of Red is the Casterclass Servant of Jean Rum of the Red Faction in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha. Placing the importance of the Story above all else he lies and cheats and by any means conduct himself that he might witness the unfolding of a grand tale beautiful beyond compare. Consequently he tends to distance himself from mentality of the participant taking instead the perspective of an abstract Authorial third person. His regard for others differs by individual dependent on their qualification as a special existence or protagonist. He interacts with normal humans only in a shallow dismissive manner and expresses an extreme interest in protagonists. In slight narcissism he frequently drops such selfauthored quotes as Things bad begun make strong themselves by ill. Hes taken a liking to certain terminology from modern fiction such as DeathFlagging. With short and effective words he brings to light that what humans usually keep hidden. This is like suddenly being poked by rambling incongruous words so one would probably feel shocked. As the world is the greatest story ever told to him or so it ought to be in his eyes he willingly employs deception provocation or anything else for the sake of spinning the story. He greatly loves those who are out of the ordinary from the bottom of his heart perusing the tales they spin. With greatly exaggerated outbursts of emotion he acts as he wishes gracefully admitting that it is suitable to call him a trickster. Source: Type Moon Wikia