Yahiro Saiga


Birthday: July 7 A carefree young man with a sinister side, Yahiro has known both Kei and Akira since they were children. He holds the distinction of having beaten Kei once during their childhood in a game of tag which Kei lost because Yahiro had locked the door to the roof to prevent Kei from winning. Yahiro attends Kokusengakuen, another high school, and is the heir to the Saiga Financial Group, a group that is even higher in status than the Takishima group. When he was young, Yahiro had no friends, for the most part because his attitude prevented him from making anyone smile or laugh and made them cry instead. He chose not to become friends with anyone until he met Sakura.

He has a crush on Akira since childhood and is very protective of her, willing to use whatever means necessary to protect her, even if she hates him for it. It is this protective nature that made him drive away Akira's only friend, Sayo, after he overheard her saying how Sayo never liked Akira and was only her friend because of Akira was rich and she enjoyed all the privileges and status that came with the friendship. Akira had believed that Yahiro had been jealous of her relationship with the "poor" kid she was playing with and never forgave Yahiro for ending her friendship with Sayo. His hatred of "poor" people comes largely from this incident, where he believes the poor exploit the rich. He eventually gives up his feelings for Akira, telling Tadashi that if he ever makes Akira cry, he will never forgive him. Yahiro dates Megumi for a while, but on New Years, when she admits her feelings for him, he turns her down. Megumi is aware that this is because he likes Akira. Even when not dating her, Yahiro encouaged Megumi to sing, and helped her. He even tells her that he enjoys her singing. In the last chapter of the manga, he sees that Megumi was going to ask him on a date, but chickened out, and so he asked her out.