Rem Kaginuki

鉤貫レム, Rem Arlond
Birthday: November 17 Scorpio Height: 185 cm 61 Weight: 67kg 148lbs The Student Council President of Shikou Gakuen. His real surname in the devil world is Arlond. He is considered the Prince of the school and most of female students adore him. He tends to spend his time in the Student Council room which is known as the Third Library. Outside of school Rem lives in a mansion with several maids and butlers to attend to him. Rem has a hardworking and cool personality. His song My Name is Rem Arlond claims he has an icy heart but he seems to care about Ritsuka Tachibana. He is shown to be quite dense when it comes to his own feelings much to the rest of the student councils aggravation. He has a protective side to him as well willing to put himself in harms way to save Ritsuka.