Ibuki Momoi

Years ago during the last Heterodyne attack Ibukis father a scientist whose theories predicted the appearance of the Heterodynes was killed in the attack. Ever since that incident Ibuki wanted revenge against the Heterodynes. She becomes the 2nd Pilot of DaiGuard for this very reason. However she learns the less than heroic truth about her father and it leaves her without an emotional anchor. Ibuki has a rather strained relationship with her stepfather who at first is against Ibuki piloting DaiGuard but becomes the person who helps her understand her father and fight her personal demons in time to save the world with much more clarity. As with Akagi her personality meshes well with her position as DaiGuards navigatorshe is so obsessed with details that she can make quick and precise summaries of a Heterodynes abilities often noticing subtle flaws in a given Heterodyne that allow the team to destroy it with minimal casualties. She is voiced by Akiko Hiramatsu wikipedia