Shiki Natsumezaka

棗坂シキ, Datenshi
Birthday: June 2 Gemini Height: 169cm 55 Weight: 52kg 115lbs One of the members of the Shikou Gakuen Student Council. Hes a fallen angel instead of a devil like the other members. Shiki is a sadistic character who enjoys feeling pain and watching other peoples pain. Shiki comes off as a strange aloof person to most students and many claim that hes rarely seen at school even during the student councils announcements. Shiki mostly acts and speaks mischievously often with a smile and snide remark. Hes also extremely destructive and gets enjoyment out of breaking things. Hes insensitive of the feelings of others and enjoys getting a rise out of people. He has a short violent temper and tends to disappear abruptly without explanation. Despite his childish manner Shiki is rather clever and can be serious when he has to.