Suguri Miyauchi

The main female protagonist in the story Suguri loves everything there is to the canine world. Shes innocent clumsy and an airhead but she cares deeply of both dogs and humans. Her best friend is her mutt dog Lupin who Suguri states is like her alter ego later on in the story. Her connection with all dogs is odd for when she first enters into the Woofles Pet Shop the puppies start to produce happy pee everyone which states that dogs have a very good aura about Suguris character.She can recognize dog faces. She can also sense when a dog is ready to use the restroom and even sense when a dog is trying to tell her something urgent. The only known history of Suguri is that she was kidnapped at the age of four which made her parents very strict with her and the red collar that she wears around her neck is a reminder of the dog that saved her. Suguri is also good at massages. After a while Suguri gets a job as a hostess with a friend of hers to get extra money. She can become very jealous at times if a girl gives Teppei too much attention much like dogs make a big fuss over a stranger and their owner. Source: Wikipedia