Ludwig Presto von Meinstein Collection

Count Collection, Prince Eccentro
Count Collection is a 20 year old German aristocrat a genius and an idiot at the same time. Not so long ago both he and Ichirobei discovered the existence of the Sixgate world and being a mad scientist pursued the goal to enter it. He intends to gather the six items so that he can bring a massive army of monsters to the human039s world and take it over being Ichirobei039s direct rival in this. Prone to fits of rage when exposed to the least bit of stress or misfortune he really would not survive a day in the wild. He generally acts childish and arrogant only to cling or hide when in danger. Count Collection is gay and in addition extremely effeminate okama the latter to the frustration of Chuzaemon his quotbutlerquot who tries to cure him from being so bishonen and turn him into a proud Japanese man. Count C doesn039t take the exercises/torments he receives from him in gratitude. At all. On first sight he appears to boss around his minions Bacchi and Guuko without regard yet at the same time he only considers it natural they eat at his table and gives them full access to all the luxury of his castle so he039s not as heartless as he likes to tell himself. In the dub he is mostly the same except that he is a time traveler from the 12th century instead of homosexual and his rivalry with Ichirobei started because Ichirobei got him expelled from school after he tried to peak during a test.