シンシャ, Cinnabar, Cinna
Hardness: 2 The only gem who goes on night patrol. Due to their body producing Mercury which is harmful to Gems and living things they are isolated and ashamed of themselves. They hate fighting and hate to be seen. According to Rutile Cinnabar has an extraordinary amount of talent and combat ability but is too much to handle due to their uncontrollable poison. Cinnabars silver poison gathers faint light at night which keeps them awake and aware while night patrolling. According to Kongou the night patrol is something Cinnabar came up with by themself. They used to spend their time during the day in Hollow Cape waiting for the Lunarians to take them since they thought they may at least be of use to them. They are knowledgeable about things other gems dont know about. Phosphophyllite was recommended by the gems to see Cinnabar for the encyclopedia. After accidentally hearing their secret and wish Phos promises to help Cinnabar find a job more suited to them than night patrol saying a fun job only you can do. When encountering Phos each time Cinnabar seems doubtful of their words and outwardly annoyed with them even going so far as to run away at one point. But they are the only gem they regularly speak to. Although they try not to show it they have a tiny sliver of hope that Phos will be able to fulfill their promise. Cinnabar is able to pull out an abundant amount of mercury. Theyre able to manipulate it in the air from a distance and around them as some mercury droplets constantly hover around them. They seem to not be in full control over it and sometimes release it without wanting to. The mercury allows them to stay up during the night due to its reflective properties shining light. The mercury is dubbed liquid poison by the other gems. Its known to damage both organic life and the gems. Often with spills the area becomes inhabitable for a long time afterward often looking dead after later observation. In terms of the gems the mercury is known to damage surfaces its exposed to and causes light to be blocked from reaching those parts requiring the pieces to be removed. Source: Houseki no Kuni Wiki edited