Hardness: 6 Rutile is one of the gems and works as a doctor. They repair cracked or broken gems and handle the management of herbs pastes powders and other medical remedies. Rutile is always found at work or sleeping on one of the sides of the halls surrounded by cupboards boxes and herbs. They are the partner of the unstable Padparadscha whose body is actively being maintained. Besides repairs they are responsible for carrying out regular physical checkups and applying powder and saltwater resin to their bodies. Rutile takes their job very seriously. They are known to stay up all night if needed to put a gem back together. As a result they are often tired and known to take naps during the day. They have also been shown to be a bit eccentric and sarcastic and to take great pride in their job and research whether dissecting animals or studying the physical composition of gems bodies. They dont take well to having their medical authority questioned. Even so they still become easily embarrassed when pestered about things like love. As the gems doctor Rutile is one of the more frequently seen characters who are more knowledgeable about the gems health and bodies often providing explanations for how they work. Rutile explains the nature of the gems and how they have microscopic organisms called inclusions within their bodies which allow them to move and make them basically immortal. They state that even if a gem is broken ground to dust and scattered into the bottom of the ocean this is simply suspended animation and the gem could be revived if put back together. They are very close to Padparadscha their former partner despite nowadays being unable to spend time with them. Hundreds of thousands of failed operations to fix them have not made them lose hope. They believe they cannot be called a doctor if they cannot solve Padparadschas condition. They are extremely dedicated bordering on obsessed with this task. Source: Houseki no Kuni Wiki edited