Bit Cloud

Formerly a junk dealer Bit Cloud is forced to join the Blitz Team after he is responsible for damage to one of the teams Zoids during a match. Taken to the Blitz Teams base Bit discovers that he is the only person capable of piloting the rare Liger Zero owned by the teams manager. Over the course of the series it is learned that the Liger Zero is one of a series of unique Ultimate X zoids equipped with an Integrated Organoid system also called Black Box and possessed with basic intelligence. Some fans believe that the Integrated Organoid system of the Liger Zero resulted in a fusion of the Blade Liger and the Organoid Zeke but this theory has not been confirmed on any official source and is most likely false. Bit Clouds first name is believed to be derived of the Japanese term Bitto Shiyoze or Cheer up representing his happygolucky personality. Bit has a strong relationship with the Liger Zero treating the Zoid as a friend instead of just a machine. He is often seen in friendly conflict with Leena Toros arguing over trivial matters like cookies doughnuts and the shower schedule. Wikipedia