Futaba Aoi

葵 双葉, Mila
Bloodtype: AB Height: 172cm Weight: 53kg Aoi Futaba Aoi Futaba is a transgender woman officer who joins Bokuto Station in the first season. The Japanese version explains that she came from the AntiChikan Unit. Chikan refers to men who molest women. Aoi went native and now is more feminine in appearance and personality than most of the other female officers. In Second Season. Her colleagues treat her as a woman although they speculate on her romantic preferences. In a story where actor Mr. Kitakoji proposes to her she turns him down and wears mens clothes for the only time in the series. In another episode she gets involved in an Internet romance and is torn about meeting this man and revealing her secret. Prior to entering the force Aoi played golf and attracted many female admirers. In the anime Aoi played basketball. In the Full Throttle episode Aoichan Becomes a Man? Aoi meets her exsuperior Udamura Kumanosuke who had headed the sting operation. Source: Wikipedia