お香, Oko
Okou is seen wearing a purple kimono with blue and yellow triangles as borders. Her obiage is blue and black striped and her obi is a pair of live female pink snakes. She wears slightly high geta shoes which are pink in color. From her pastel blue hair sprouts two small black horns and a pink lily is placed as an accessory. Okou is depicted as everyones friend the one that all get along with. She is very nice polite and usually quiet. When she comments on things shes usually very sharp tongued though her comments are executed with a sweet smile on her face. She is also the object of many of the shows male cast desire the most notable being Karauri. Okou however shows no romantic interest whatsoever in any of the characters and usually keeps all her relations friendly but nothing more than that. Alas i should be noted that she has mentioned the fact that were she to have interest in someone that she would value personality above all else. Source: Hoozuki no Reitetsu Wikia