Fish Eye

フィッシュ・アイ, Fisheye
Fisheye takes the form of a slender effeminate male with long pale blue hair. In the anime like Tigers Eye and Hawks Eye he targets his ideal romantic interests which are young males. His magical attacks are waterbased but his primary choice of attack is knifethrowing which to his frustration he is not very good at. Crossdressing is the basis of many of his disguises as he is usually able to pass himself off as a woman to attract his targets who are generally heterosexual males he portrayed his gender honestly to the one gay target he had. Unlike his cohorts who are rather superficial about their victims Fisheye seems to nurse a paradoxical genuine affection for many of his victims or at least a childish crush until they give him the inevitable brushoff. This included the kindly Mamoru Chiba who he seemed to develop feelings for and even kissed. Fisheye is also the first of the three to wonder if what they are doing is right and his wavering loyalty lands him in hot water when he is nearly killed by Zirconia. Midway through the series he and the others are sublimated into Pegasus039 world and given the promise of rebirth as real humans. Fisheye has a very small part in the manga in which he is sold to Ami Mizuno in fish form. He gives her nightmares about her father abandoning her luring her into a trap. She powers up and defeats Fisheye with Mercury Aqua Rhapsody and he is killed soon after by Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon.