Hawk's Eye

ホークス・アイ, Hawkseye
Hawk039s Eye takes the form of a tall young man with bright wild pink hair. He wears a bralike toga and tights in his battle attire. In the anime he often gets into fights with Tiger039s Eye though their relationship is rather lovehate and their arguments are usually playful. His attacks are firebased and uses a torch as his primary weapon. His targets reflect his romantic preferences in this case older women. Hawk039s Eye is killed by the lemures 039Mr. Magic Pierrot039 who is sent by PallaPalla to eliminate the trio. However Pegasus revives him and he is sent to Elysion with the others. In the manga Hawk039s Eye deceives Sailor Jupiter pretending to be a female owner of a herb store. He is killed later just after she powers up into her 039Super039 form. He is destroyed in the blast from her new attack Jupiter Oak Evolution.