Mo-Ri Jin

진모리 Jaecheondaeseong
Biologically Occupation: G.O.H. Participant and Student Status: Alive Relatives: Jin TaeJin adoptive grandfather Style: Renewal Taekwondo Jin Mori Original Jin Mori is the main protagonist of The God of High School He is introduced as a carefree and energetic student with an obsession for fighting. He loves eating and having fun. Mori can be seen as both confident and arrogant due to his identity later revealed. However he still cares deeply about his friends and family and will get serious when either of them are hurt or in danger. Jin Mori has black eyes and a golden yellow cross for his iris. He has black spiky hair average height and an athletic build. For his outfit he has multiple variations that are shown throughout the anime. When he is first introduced he wears a formal attire which consists of a blue blazer over a white collared shirt red tie brown pants black belt and black shoes. When fighting he changes into a more comfortable attire which consists of a white Tshirt black jacket tied around his waist black wrist sweatbands on both sides blue pants and red and golden yellow shoes. His athletic attire consists of a high neck yellow zipup jacket black fingerless gloves white shorts over black leggings and blue sneakers. He can usually be seen with his green sleepingmask worn like a pair of sunglasses. Jin Mori was shown to be a dominant competitor in early stages of the G.O.H tournament. His fighting style in the anime is shown to resemble his adoptive grandfathers renewal taekwondo. He also has his own special technique which he names Jin Mori Original. The first is called Blue Dragon Kick. His second is called Twin Dragon Blue Kick. His third and final technique is called Blue Dragon Tempest. Source: Crunchyroll and The God of High School Wiki