Senkuu Ishigami

石神千空, Sorcerer, Sorcerer Gentleman, Professor Senku, String bean, Dr. Senku, Lab
Birthday:Jan 4, 2004
Age:15-23+ (physically), 3700+ (chronologically)
Blood Type:AB
Height: 171 cm 57 Senkuu is a genius with a vast amount of scientific knowledge. He is able to invent various kinds of tools and gadgets in a short amount of time with ease. As a child he designed and built a functioning miniature rocket ship. Senkuu also possesses an analytical mind being able to correctly discern the situation he is in. Even in his preteens he was intelligent and sharpminded enough to create advanced machines. Senkuus physical abilities are very low and he would lose against someone like Kohaku in a brawl something he himself admits.