Birthday:Aug 8
Age:16-23 (physically), 27 (chronologically)
Blood Type:B
Height: 160cm 53 Kohaku is a young woman who is a descendant of modern humans. She is Ruris younger sister and the daughter of Kokuyo. She appears to be well known in her village due to her combative abilities as both Kinro and Ginro were afraid of her. Kohaku excels at fighting hunting and general survival skills. She is a tomboy by nature having little interest in more typical feminine activities and has little knowledge about them although she does seem to enjoy some lavish clothing that was provided to her. She possesses a sharp instinct and intellect. Kohaku is a kind young woman caring deeply for her sickly older sister willing to participate in the tournament for her hand in marriage just to protect her. This care extends to her comrades and anyone shes loyal to. In addition to this she has a reckless and hotheaded personality often reacting in anger to being called a gorilla or lioness due to her strength and physicality. She also acts on her emotions at times going against rational thought. She also has a bit of a teasing side asking Chrome if he could fall for her to her resemblance to her sister.