Tsukasa Shishiou

獅子王司, The Strongest High School Primate
Birthday:Oct 10
Initial Age:18
Height: 195cm 64 According to Taiju Tsukasa has the reputation as The Strongest High School Primate due to his tremendous fighting abilities. The translators note that Shishiou Tsukasa means Lion Ruler. Tsukasa is a very tall and muscular young man with wild brown hair that he has been growing since childhood with bits of stone near the ends and pale skin. He has an androgynous face and is stated to be handsome by Minami Hokutozai though he often wears an intimidating frown on his face. Tsukasa is essentially violent but extremely careful and aware of his actions. He is a very kind thoughtful and polite man outside of his pessimistic ideals towards humanity. He offers help in the beginning to Senku and Taiju after they revive him and becomes their hunter for food using his skills as a prominent athlete to aid them. Its revealed later that Tsukasa plans to purge humanity of adults who hurt the young and weak then thinks Senku will go along with him but instead Senku rejects him. After this point Tsukasa becomes fairly determined in carrying out his plans even to the point of leaving their group.