Birthday:Feb 4
Initial Age:16
Blood Type:A
Height: 170 cm 57 Chrome is the alleged sorcerer eventually turned scientist of Ishigami Village. As part of the Kingdom of Science Chrome serves as the unofficial right hand of Senku this trust is what makes him one of the Five Wise Generals. Chrome is a highly energetic person with a lot of passion and curiosity. He is genuinely interested in science although at first he only knows it as sorcery. He is confident in his intellect enough so to go toe to toe with Senku despite getting destroyed in a battle of wits. He also has a tendency to refer to something as bad when he thinks it is cool or amazing. Chrome has a deep love of science though he admits his expertise and knowledge lies mainly in exploration particularly pertaining to rocks and minerals and gathering them. He is loyal and selfless to his friends and while lacking in physical abilities he is still able to think of clever solutions out of dangerous situations. He is also exceedingly brave and in addition while he is usually a loudmouth he knows when to keep his mouth shut. He loves science and in many ways is an accomplished scientist in his own right managing to create chemical reactions from the rocks he collected through frequent trial and error reactions which were only made known in the seventeenth century despite never knowing this knowledge before Senkus arrival.