Sailor Lethe

Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne appear only in Act 48 of the manga. They are twin sisters and come from the planets Lethe and Mnemosyne respectively. Their planets were small poor and plagued by violence and chaos. When Galaxia appeared and brought death and ruin the two had no choice but to follow her in the hopes of someday finding peace. Sailor Lethe is named for a naiad in Greek mythology and for a river of the Greek underworld where dead souls go to forget their past lives before being reincarnated. Sailor Lethe first introduces herself as the ferryman of the desert river. She traps Eternal Sailor Moon at the bottom of the River of Oblivion kills Luna Artemis and Diana and attacks Sailor Moon. She is stopped by Sailor Mnemosyne who says that Sailor Moon has been hurt enough. Lethe says that Sailor Moons Sailor Crystal the Ginzuishou is the cause for all of the wars they are experiencing and that if it is destroyed there will be peace. Sailor Moon offers her life if it will end the violence. Lethe and Mnemosyne are so moved by her selfsacrifice that they realize that whether or not Sailor Moon dies the war will continue. Just as they are about to release the Senshi Sailor Chi and Sailor Phi appear. These call Lethe and Mnemosyne useless fools and take their Sailor Crystals which kills them. Sailor Lethe has an attack called quotGalactica Myosotis Alpestrisquot which she used to attack Usagi. Myosotis alpestris is the name of an alpine species of Forgetmenot.