Terry McScotty

Tsubame Tsubakura

He is Yamato's fellow friend under Armada. He uses the B-Daman, Wing Ninja which was later recreated into Wing Sword and Wing Eagle. Many fans mistaken Terry as a female but he is a male. Terry started appearing in season 1. He is 10 years old. In Season 2, Terry and Joe decide to enter the Winners Tournament together but along the way, Terry finds a Strike Shot, Random Shot. Joe deems that Terry will not improve with him along so he leaves, only to find Terry following him, not wanting him to go. However, Haja hears of this Strike Shot and attacks Terry for it. The two enter into battle and Haja pretends to admit defeat. Falling for his trick, Haja snatches the Strike Shot from Terry and he shoots. It is originally aimed towards Terry but Joe steps in to protect his brother/pupil. Terry has his blaster destroyed and then gets a new one named HudoFudoMaru and his Strike Shot is the Split Shot (Source: Wikipedia)