Charlotte Roselei

Birthday:Sep 18
Blood Type:A
Height: 171 cm Is a noblewoman of House Roselei and the captain of Clover Kingdoms Blue Rose squad of the Magic Knights. Charlotte appears as a quiet cold and indifferent woman who keeps her emotions controlled and well hidden. She is constantly shown to appear as a rather stern woman despite inwardly having an inward monologue that constantly appears to say calm down especially around Yami Sukehiro. She often does not respond to situations that go out of hand preferring to appear indifferent and let things play out. She does respond well to emergencies and pressing concerns performing her duties and moving swiftly to take care of any problems that come up. However she still is capable of losing her composure and becoming annoyed which almost always involves Yami teasing of her. She is also a lightweight when it comes to alcohol barely able to finish a pint before becoming drunk. Charlotte considers her duty to the kingdom to be her foremost responsibility with little interest in the social aspects of life. Her beauty is quite noticeable when she chooses to show it but she is more comfortable in plate mail than silk dresses and cares little for the opinions of most others. She also has a hard time being open with most people and expressing herself on occasion. That said she often quips back at her fellow captains when they make rash decisions or do something she considers stupid particularly Yami. However she also has admiration for those who are competent and work hard though she rarely ever shows it. Outwardly she displays little interest in finding a husband and becomes angry when the subject is brought up for which Yami repeatedly teases her and calls her Spiny Prickly Queen. Source: Black Clover Wiki