Shiki Misaki

美咲 四季

Shiki is a stylish girl who makes a contract with Neku. She is outspoken and can easily befriend others. She has an avid interest in the latest fashions, and had a dream to become fashion designer. Shiki keeps a photo of her best friend, Eri, and herself on her cellphone and looks at it frequently.

To play the Reapers' Game, Shiki's entrance fee was herself; she gave up her own appearance and took on the appearance of Eri, who Shiki envied. When she wins the game with Neku, she becomes Neku's entrance during the second time he plays and then disappears to an unknown location. Shiki ends up meeting up with Neku and Beat at the Shibuya River and is seen with them in the credits in her original appearance in the end. She appears to be a girl with short brown hair and glasses. Mr. Mew is still with her, and possibly still moving on his own.

(Taken from Shiki's section on Wikipedia.)