Yoshitake Shiraishi

白石由竹, Escape King (脱獄王), Scat King
Birthday:Mar 3
One of the Abashiri Convicts who travels with Sugimotos Group. Shiraishi is carefree and goofy and prefers to sneak his way out of trouble. He is also rather immature. Most of the time Shiraishi lacks seriousness and prefers to spend time on frivolous pursuits like gambling or eating rather than looking for the gold. He also likes pretty women his backstory involves him searching for a woman he fell in love with through a sloppy drawing. Shiraishi has a roguish personality. Because he lacks strength he prefers to flee danger but is confident in his ability to escape any bond. He tends to keep his calm when in danger as a result and given time can psychologically dominate his guards and manipulate them. Shiraishi is based on the real life figure Yoshie Shiratori who is known for having escaped from prison at least four times.