Yuuki Anzai


Birth date: January 15, 1992
Age: 21

Anzai is the male protagonist of the Devils' Line series. He is a half-devil, half-human hybrid and a police officer who is a member of F Squad in the MPD Public Safety Division 5, responsible for combatting devil crimes. His occupation as a police officer utilizes his abilities as a hybrid.

Anzai was raised at ONLO orphanage in Hokkaido.

He was a member of the 15th ONLO hybrid birth project along with Johannes Kleeman, but was excluded from experimentation due to his weakened healing abilities. Despite spending his childhood believing himself to be an orphan, his parents, human researcher Midori Anzai and devil serial killer Tamaki Anzai, were alive and close by on ONLO grounds.

Before meeting Tsukasa, Anzai had never experienced bloodlust, a transformation or the associated healing abilities. This was due to his possession of Redeyes' Metamorphic Insufficiency Syndrome (ReMI).