Chisato Shion

詩音 千里
Chisato is a strict follower of the rules often lecturing Arisa on her rebellious and lazy attitude. Chisato appears to admire Haruka quite a lot for her talent leadership and rulefollowing as mentioned by Arisa. It is revealed in a flashback of Arisas that Chisato convinced Arisa to join the Hoozuki girls after finding out she was lonely after beating her in a fight. Another flashback of Arisas reveals that Chisatos father was a creator of childrens picture books and that he wanted to write stories that would make children dream. However his books stopped getting accepted by publishers thus Chisatos father turned drunk and started abusing his wife leading to her health declining before she eventually died. Chisatos fathers abuse then turned on Chisato. Thus Chisato made a contract to change her father back into the kind man he used to be. Chisato inwardly thinks of herself as terrible for making such a wish however.