Toshizou Hijikata

土方歳三, Demon Vice Commander of the Shinsengumi, Merciless Vice-Commander (鬼の副長), Baragaki (バラガキ)
Birthday:May 31, 1835
Likes: Ochazuke Dislikes: None Hijikata is the vicecommander of the Shinsengumi and leader of his group. Despite being emprisoned for decades he remains energetic and optimistic. Hijikata is very ambitious despite his old age and plans to take over Hokkaido and create his own country in defiance of Japan. To do so he takes swift and decisive action to search for the gold. As a former Shinsengumi Hijikata is ruthless and doesnt hesitate to kill his opponents. Always smiling Hijikata is flamboyant and regularly boasts about his ambitions and prowess despite his age. He is civil toward people but merciless against his enemies always shouting to his men to kill every opponent. Hijikata considers that in battle the best soldiers are those ready to die fighting. Source: Golden Kamuy Wiki