Hyakunosuke Ogata

尾形百之助, Ogata the Wildcat (山猫尾形)
Birthday:Jan 22
Likes: Anglerfish hotpot Dislikes: Shiitake mushrooms long baths Ogata is the former Superior Private of the 7th Division and a member of Hijikatas Group. Loyal only to himself Ogata is pursuing the gold for his own reason unknown to anyone. Ogata has black hair that is shaved at the sides in an undercut fashion a thin beard and dark eyes. He sports a suture scar on each cheek acquired after he fell from a cliff and broke his jaw while running from Sugimoto. Ogata is analytical and coldblooded a proud sniper who is used to examining things from afar and evaluating circumstances in order to best take advantage of them. Even when at a disadvantage he keeps his nerve and takes the most efficient course of action. He is also known for his marksmanship a skill he honed since his childhood. He is ruthless and doesnt hesitate to kill although he is aware that wanton slaughter is counterproductive and would rather escape a fight he cant win than throw himself into it impulsively. On the surface Ogata is capable of acting amiable and polite in order to achieve his goals he can lie and deceive others. He is prone to caustic remarks and may openly look down on some people. Ogata also likes to snark about any perceived absurdity and incompetence especially if it comes to warfare and keeping ones gun safe. Although he is generally emotionless and indifferent to others Ogata seems to be a very proud man who doesnt like to be doubted. If challenged he would attempt to do a task that someone says would be difficult for him. He has a habit of slicking his hair back as well as exhaling through his nose when praised. Source: Golden Kamuy Wiki