Hyakunosuke Ogata

尾形百之助, オガタヒャクノスケ, Ogata the Wildcat, 山猫尾形, Yamaneko Ogata
Birthday: January 22nd Ogata is the former Superior Private of the 7th Division and a member of Hijikatas Group. Ogata has black hair that is shaved at the sides in an undercut fashion a thin beard and dark eyes. He sports a suture scar on each cheek acquired after he fell from a cliff and broke his jaw while running from Sugimoto. He is analytical and ruthless a proud sniper who is used to examining things from afar and evaluating circumstances in order to best take advantage of them. Even when at a disadvantage Ogata keeps his nerve and takes the most advantageous course of action. He has a habit of slicking his hair back. He seems to be a very proud man as he would attempt to do a task that someone says would be difficult for him and puffs his nose when praised.