Ohjiro Mihara

Birthday:Oct 20
Ohjiro Mihara is IchiroIcchan Miharas younger stepbrother. He has been involved with Angelic Layer for many years in a large part because it was what brought him and Icchan together after their parents married each other. Ohjiro competes in Kobe and has been the champion of the Kansai Regional games as well as being the runnerup in the national tournament for two consecutive years. He has a desperate desire to defeat Shuko Suzuharas angel Athena to get over a childhood crush he had on her. His angel is Wizard his special ability is Magic Guard. In the anime Ohjiro and Misaki even go on a date in episode 22. Then it is not until episode 23 that he confesses to Misaki that he is falling in love with her. Wikipedia.com