Fran Madaraki


She lives at the Madaraki estate, but she is not blood-related to Dr. Madaraki Naomitsu, instead, she is his “masterpiece”. Fran has a somewhat disturbing, vaguely incestual​ love for the doctor, who she calls "Professor". Fran has obviously undergone several inhuman surgeries: she is fitted with two giant Frankenstein-like electrodes at each side of her head and she has stitches all over her body as if she had been patched up. However, at first glance, she looks like a regular girl. Sometimes she even dons a blazer and goes to school. Her unsteady step and a habit of drawing out the end of her sentences still stand out, though. She seems absent-minded and easy-going, which is true, to a point. The real issue is that she is somewhat removed from humanity- Fran is often genuinely uncaring of any potential consequences of her actions and seems to have absolutely no regard for human morality. She also has a distinct lack of empathy and will serve any client, no matter who- she has worked with superheroes and mobsters, so long as she has paid, a distinctly mercenary outlook on life. She makes her client’s dreams come true and very often their nightmares as well- the consequences of her actions are extraordinary. Even so, Fran carries on without a concern. During surgery, she is able to increase the number of her arms and operate at great speeds. Her one creed is that she cannot ever take life; often, her victims wish she would kill them out of mercy.