Moca Aoba

青葉モカ, Moca-chin
Birthday:Sep 3
Height: 158 cm 52 The lead guitarist of the band Afterglow and a student at Haneoka Girls High School. Moca has a sleepy demeanor and speaks with a slow monotone voice but can be surprisingly sly. Although everyone in Afterglow are childhood friends Moca is particularly close to Ran. Outside of the band shes also friends with Lisa whom she works parttime with at the same convenience store as well as Saaya. Moca doesnt have anything that shes super into but will get really worked up about people she cares about. The only interests she has continued to like over a long period of time are instruments and food although she also loves reading and collecting manga especially shounen and action series. Moca is playful and often teases her friends to the point of having to be told to stop. Fairly confident and sure of herself Moca often showcases and comments on her own charms passing off things like having breadcrumbs on her face as part of her cuteness. At times she refers to herself in third person as Mocachan. Although relaxed in most cases her worries make her transparent. She loves Yamabuki Bakery to the extent of even labeling herself as Yamabuki Bakerys 1 fan and tells herself to buy all the bread so she can fill up her points reward card. Source: BanG Dream Wikia edited