Aki Shiina

椎名亜樹, Ahki, Akkun, Akiko
Aki Shina is the main male protagonist of SunoharaS no Kanrininsan who comes to Tokyo and enrolls himself to a nearby school. He is currently a resident at Sunohara Inn and his room number is 101. Aki is a normal fairskinned young boy with chinlength black hair that has strands and bangs parted to the middle light green eyes and a feminine appearance. He is seen wearing a pale blue shirt underneath a short sleeved light cyan zipped gym jacket with a pale grey hoodie with small pockets with zips at the bottom sides. He wears it with black shorts that has thick orange stripes at the sides white anklesocks and white velcro sneakers. However he is seen wearing girl clothes due to him being forced to wear them.